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Great design is about the details and details lie in the angular vase and the old chest that you picked up from your grandmother’s home. Decorate your home with everything you love.

Home Decor Services

Interior design is not just about the furniture and the layout of your home but also about upholstery and the photo frames on your wall. Allow us to help you pick the right fabric and design for curtains and even find a way to make sure that a painting you bought from a street artist fits right in with the ambience of your room.


Too much heat? Too much cold? Too much open space? Don’t worry as we assist you choose the best curtains for your home matching your interiors, hence creating lovable ambiance. Contact us for more details on Curtains.


Love Vintage clocks? Love classy showpieces? Love heavy clocks? Let us help you pamper you with our assistance in choosing you the best suitable clocks for your wall. Yes, you heard us right! Don’t hesitate for interior assistance. We are always there! Contact us for more details on Clocks.

Key Holders

If you are worried about losing your keys over and again, then we need to catch up to choose trendy, cool key holders for you, so that you no longer have to worry about your key bunches. Contact us for more details on Key holders.


Are you a fan of paintings? Then we help you select paintings according to the genre, according to colours, types, fantasies and what not? Also, we help you in finding the best painting store in town. Contact us for more details on Paintings.


Drop light or chandelier? Which colour to choose? Where to set up the lights? If you are confused with these type of questions, then we are here to help you. We help you choose the best lights in town keeping your choices in check! Contact us for more details on Lights.


Do you love funky posters? Want to hang on some catchy quotes? Then do not forget to ping us. We have some best stock in store for you! Contact us for more details on Posters.


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