Kitchen Interiors

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and at Maximal, we believe in designing kitchens into vibrant, living spaces so that all the long hours in the kitchen bring a smile to your face.

Kitchen Interior Design Services

In our country, food is religion and that is not just because we have so much love for the varied cuisines, dishes and vegetables but also because the ancient scriptures also link food to worship and spirituality.

The kitchen is a critical component of any house and Maximal interiors ensures that your kitchen is not just a place to keep the stove, refrigerator and utensils but also a representation of your being and personality. We thus design modular kitchens which take your breath away. From hydraulic channels to storage units, from glass cabinets for all the fancy crockery to keeping that garbage can concealed, we provide everything you need!

Modular Kitchen

The trend in town is the modular kitchen. We design the best one for you, keeping in mind your preferences. We design according to your space! Right from hydraulic channels to best kitchen storages, we provide you everything you need. Choose your colour preferences and we’ll do the rest for you! Contact us for more details on Modular Kitchen.

Automatic Kitchen

Bored of modular kitchen? Want to try something new? Get in touch with us to install a no manual- all automatic kitchen. Everything you operate is automatic and there’s very less of manual setting. That will be no less than heaven! Contact us for more details on Automatic Kitchen.

Soft Closure

Running late to office? In a hurry? Don’t worry as you bang on to those kitchen shutters. We install the soft closure mechanism for you so that it can resist rough handling too. Get in touch with us for more settings on soft closure mechanism. Contact us for more details on Soft closure.

Plain Kitchen

If you are one of those people who just wants no experiments and love to get a plain, simple kitchen, then we are the right choice for you! Right from simple shutters to plain units, we are sure to impress you. Contact us for more details on Plain Kitchen.

Tall Units

If you have a small kitchen and need more space for additional storage, then Tall unit comes to the rescue. You can store in anything and pretty much everything and we have the best units in store for you. Contact us for more details on Tall units.

Crockery Unit

Want a fancy tall crockery unit? Crazy about flat vintage style crockery units? Or confused which one to get? Then all you need to do is ping us and we design the unit that you’ll love to have. Contact us for more details on Crockery units.


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